a prayer for placement night

repping YL in the officeDear God,

Tonight, yes, tonight!

We head out into the world you lovingly crafted to further the greater eternity you have waiting.

There are middle schoolers, high schoolers, young moms, friends with special needs, and college people like us waiting for YOU.


Thank you for preparing our hearts and allowing us to be your vessels, continuously.

We are poor on our own, but you make us rich.

There are battles now, and there are more battles to come, in this ministry and out. Be we will remember: God, you are greater than the lows. Your perfection trumps criticism. You are greater than earthly highs, progresses, and triumphs.

Give us words when we don’t know what to say to explain all of this and you to people that come from different places than us.

Give us patience when the seeds we plant do not immediately bear fruit. Let us be like the farmer that “waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains” (James 5:7).

Give us energy to endlessly praise you in all that we do. Let us sing and dance for You and project the goodness and fullness that only comes from God. There is joy in those who trust You (Romans 15:13)!

Give us power from the Holy Spirit. Some shy away from the weirdness of this, but God, let us understand the power that comes from Him. Wisdom and discernment come from experience, but also an embracing of the Holy Spirit. Allow us to be led.

Let us be masters of grace. Let us boldly encounter awkward situations. Teach us to be conversation makers and continuers, at the lunch table, underneath the Friday night lights at football games, at club, wherever. Let us reach out to those on the edge, those society has deemed not good enough, and tell them, “You are good. You are loved.”

Let us love simply and without expectation. Let us earn the right to be heard by hearing their story first and speaking second.

Take our fears and excitement and nervousness and get rid of them! Let us celebrate all that you are doing here in Austin, in Texas, in the United States, and the world. Let us do all that we do with only you in mind.

God, thank you for the friends and team that I am going to get to meet tonight. Thanks for the friends you have already given me through Young Life. Thank you for my high school’s YL club and Campaigners group and the fearless, wonderful, and godly leaders that worked for You there. Thank you for my small group here at UT, and the fearless, wonderful, and godly leaders that encouraged me and have provided for me endlessly.

Thank you for all that you give.

In Jesus’ name, amen.


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