In this episode, Deborah talks about being a pastor’s kid, struggling to feel like she belonged between two cultures, the creative community, being Black and Christian in America, and Star Trek (of course). And she makes a strong case for Prince Phillip’s superiority in the Disney princess canon. She also reads James 5:1-6 (capitalism WHO?) and Psalm 19:1 for us.

Watch ‘Chasing Happiness’ here and weep about the Jonas Brothers like it’s 2008

Watch Deborah’s short film ‘Le 27 Juillet’ about her struggle with depression

Read this recap on the ‘Star Trek’ episode Deborah explains

Read up on Netflix’s Narnia re-make

Listen to Lecrae’s 2017 album “All Things Work Together” and his 2018 album “Let The Trap Say Amen” (‘Facts’ on ATWT!!!! Will!!!! Come!!!! For!!! You!!!!!)

**Deborah named a JFK documentary called “Crisis.” But she meant “A Time for Burning,” directed by William C. Jersey. This link seems legit to watch it, but please, FBI person, don’t come for me or this podcast!!! Thanks xoxo

Get familiar with Jane Elliot’s work as an ally! Videos on white privilege, Blackness, race & privilege panel with Angela Davis (!!!!!) , and the intersection of race/education/faith.

prince phillipBEHOLD. It’s Prince Phillip! Deborah ghostwrote this article.

Tune in to Deborah’s playlist. Other songs mentioned: “Howl” by Florence & The Machine, “Jenny of Oldstones” by Florence & The Machine, the ENTIRE QUEEN DISCOGRAPHY, “Edge of Seventeen” and “Sisters of the Moon” by Fleetwood Mac, “Juice” by Lizzo.

Follow and support Haitian artists: Us By Us Collective and ART X AYITI on Instagram

Follow Vincent Haycock (and go ahead and watch Florence & The Machine’s visual album ‘The Odyssey”)

Follow The Criterion Collection

Again: please watch the Jonas Brothers documentary, “Chasing Happiness.” And give some love to Kevin. He deserves it.

Watch “The Twilight Zone” and “Star Trek: Discovery.” Deborah is not affiliated with CBS All Access. Although maybe they should #sponsor her.

Check out Deborah’s website

Follow her on Instagram

Like her Facebook page

Eagerly anticipate Deborah’s upcoming short film, “Catharsis: A Journey Through Anger”

And lastly, an uncomprehensive list of things we are for & against:

For: Prince Phillip, “Jenny of Oldstones,” Shrek, audiobooks, Jane Elliot

Against: John Smith, colonizers, racism, “Game of Thrones”

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